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Cat Log


Hello there! My name is Nacho (aka Cheesy Nacho) and I am a floofy ginger cat from Northern Ireland. I enjoy a good snooze, nice food and when I am not patrolling the perimeter of my kingdom for intruders I love nothing more than to sit on my perch and judge the hoomans accordingly. I really cannot stand being brushed even though the hoomans insist on doing it every day and whilst I will take offence at being lifted and cuddled without notice, I do enjoy an occasional chin tickle or head massage. So if you didn't know me before, you know me now!

Having been on Instagram for a while now and coupled with the fact I have FINALLY gotten myself a paw furrriendly keyboard, I have decided to make this blog so I can write longer pieces and use it to share lots of fun, exciting stuff that the wording constraints imposed by Instagram won't allow.

This blog, like most things in their early stages, will take a while to find it's place, so please be patient and kind as I begin my blogging extravaganza. I do have some rather cool things planned which I can't wait to share with you! Things that will interest cats and cat lovers, things that will make you laugh and things that will make you stop and paws for thought. 
I am also offering to provide an "agony cat" service. I believe the hoomans call it an "agony aunt" service.

 If you have any problems you need advice with, please drop me an email at or drop me a DM on Instagram.

 I can help with anything from coping with barking from the neighbours dogs to dealing with annoying hoomans. 
I look forward to helping in any way I can.

Please be sure to check out my Instagram and follow me if you don't already. You can find me @cheesynacho__


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Q&A with world renowned animal trainer Dawn Barkan

My dear floofs, I am truly honoured to share with you my Q&A with the fabulous Dawn Barkan! Dawn is one of the biggest names in animal training. If you watch TV or film then chances are you have seen several examples of Dawn's work. Her resume is so impressive and includes work on films such as the "Meet the Parents" Trilogy, "Ace Ventura", "Snow Dogs", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Night at the Museum" to name but just a few! Check out her Imdb here!  Also, if any of you are Disney fans you will want to read on for sure to find out what Dawn is currently working on... Pictured: Dawn Barkan with Crsytal the Monkey (Night at the Museum) Dawn, thank you so much for taking the time from what is surely an extremely busy  schedule to talk to us here at Nacho HQ. We truly admire you and are humbled to get the chance to hear from you. We hope you are safe and well at this time! Please tell us a little about yourself?

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My fiendish floofmeisters, I am delighed to share with you, part three of my Halloween special. The third piece of my"Trilogy of terror". This time we have a Q&A with the wonderful Melissa Millett, animal trainer, owner of Ultimutts and loving hooman to Tonic aka Church from the hit Pet Sematary remake. We are very grateful to have had the chance to chat to Melissa as she is very busy with her animals and her brand Ultimutts! (Pictured: Melissa, Tonic and Sashimi) Ultimutts provides an impressive roster of animals who can act and perform stunts both live and on screen. Being a fanboy of Stephen King and Pet Sematary, my hooman admin was rather starstruck with Tonic who played Church in the hit remake of Stephen King's Pet Sematary (along with the amazing Leo who sadly passed away shortly after the film's release). So we thought Tonic was just purrrfect for our Halloween special. As far as cats go, Ultimutts also have the wonderful and beautifully m

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My dear furrriends,  I am delighted to share with you my Q&A with the wonderful Polina Koskadelik, owner and founder of the popular Instagram page fiftyshadesginger. Not only is it the ultimate page for all ginger floofs, it is also one of the first pages to have featured me on my Instagram journey so it is a very special page to me. Be sure to check the page out if you haven't already as it is the most active and engaging page dedicated to ginger felines! Polina, it is a delight to have you join us for a Q&A and we are excited to learn more about you and what goes on behind the scenes at fiftyshadesginger. Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?  My name is Polina. Im from Russia but now I study and live in Germany. Have you always had cats in your life? I have always lived with cats, since I was 1 month old. Most of them were my mother’s cats. But at the very beginning of my independent life I understood that I couldn’t live without cats. And t