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Exclusive Q&A with Megan, Catmom to Cheeto and George!

Good evening fellow floofs and floof lovers, I am delighted to announce that I will be using this blog as an extension of my Instagram, where I will be featuring exclusive Q&A's with the latest and greatest in the Cat Community. This feature will be known as " The Evening Mews with Cheesy Nacho" I am also thrilled to reveal that my first ever Q&A is with dedicated Cat Meowm  Megan , the hooman behind Instagram's famous fashinistas Cheeto and George (@cutecatcheetos) With a following of over 20k which continues to rise quickly, I think I got in there  just in time for an interview before Vogue made them a better offer! Please get comfy and enjoy this Q&A from when Nacho  got the exclusive behind the scenes scoop over at Team Cheeto! First of all, welcome to the Evening Mews with Cheesy Nacho. Thank you very much for kindly taking the time to speak to me about your wonderful boys. It really makes my day to see them in my newsfeed and it is an honour to

Cat Log

Blog, Hello there! My name is Nacho (aka Cheesy Nacho) and I am a floofy ginger cat from Northern Ireland. I enjoy a good snooze, nice food and when I am not patrolling the perimeter of my kingdom for intruders I love nothing more than to sit on my perch and judge the hoomans accordingly. I really cannot stand being brushed even though the hoomans insist on doing it every day and whilst I will take offence at being lifted and cuddled without notice, I do enjoy an occasional chin tickle or head massage. So if you didn't know me before, you know me now!   Having been on Instagram for a while now and coupled with the fact I have FINALLY gotten myself a paw furrriendly keyboard, I have decided to make this blog so I can write longer pieces and use it to share lots of fun, exciting stuff that the wording constraints imposed by Instagram won't allow. This blog, like most things in their early stages, will take a while to find it's place, so please be patient and kind as I begin m