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Exclusive Q&A with Megan, Catmom to Cheeto and George!

Good evening fellow floofs and floof lovers,

I am delighted to announce that I will be using this blog as an extension of my Instagram, where I will be featuring exclusive Q&A's with the latest and greatest in the Cat Community. This feature will be known as "The Evening Mews with Cheesy Nacho"

I am also thrilled to reveal that my first ever Q&A is with dedicated Cat Meowm Megan, the hooman behind Instagram's famous fashinistas Cheeto and George (@cutecatcheetos)

With a following of over 20k which continues to rise quickly, I think I got in there just in time for an interview before Vogue made them a better offer!

Please get comfy and enjoy this Q&A from when Nacho got the exclusive behind the scenes scoop over at Team Cheeto!

First of all, welcome to the Evening Mews with Cheesy Nacho. Thank you very much for kindly taking the time to speak to me about your wonderful boys. It really makes my day to see them in my newsfeed and it is an honour to have you take part in my first ever Q&A.


Please tell everyone a little about yourself and how many cats you own:


My name is Megan, I'm from Wisconsin, USA and I have two cats. Cheeto who is 5 and George who is 10. Lost loaf master Tag last year at the age of 16.


Have you had cats all your life? 


Since I was in 2nd grade.


Do you or have you ever owned any other type of pet? If so, tell us a little about them:


I had a black lab growing up. He was an outdoor dog and was wild and crazy lol 


Cheeto and George, and not forgetting sweet Tag, are well known and loved in the world of cat fashion. Their photos are always purrfect. How easy is it getting them to pose for the camerawork? Do they require many takes? 


Aww thank you! George is the perfect model! He knows when it’s picture time in the morning and just jumps up on the bed and poses! When I don’t take his picture in the morning he will sit on the edge of the bed and meow which is so cute! Usually I only need to take one or very few pictures of him to get a good shot. Cheeto on the other hand can be more difficult and sometimes he refuses and just runs away lol. When he will sit for pictures he usually requires toys to get his attention to look at the camera which can result in needing to take many pictures.


Do they ever require bribing with treats in exchange for a quick photo op?


Neither cat can be bribed with treats since their main focus is getting the treats and they won’t sit still lol


Did any of the boys protest when you first started putting on bandanas and accessories? 


They never seemed to mind the bandanas since they already wore collars. Cheeto will not pose in clothes or sunglasses but George will if I get the shot quick and then take them off. 


Can you tell us what inspired you to name each cat as you did? 


Cheeto: I wanted to find a good orange cat name and searched online and Cheeto was one of the names that stuck out. They day before I went to get him I saw a Cheetos truck by my house and then was convinced it needed to be his name. George came with his name but I think it’s very fitting for an old man cat lol 

George is such a cute little meowdel, it's easy to forget he is almost  a pensioner!


Are the boys cuddlebugs or do they love their space? 


Cheeto is the biggest cuddle bug and HAS to lay next to me on the couch every night and watch tv with me. George only cuddles when I’m in bed trying to sleep but always welcomes pets.


With fashion fame comes diva behaviour. Who is the biggest diva out of the two? 


Definitely Cheeto


When you arrive home after a day's work or after a trip out, do either of the boys greet you or do they ignore you and carry on about their business?


Cheeto runs to the door and jumps up on the kitchen counter and demands pets and kisses and sometimes food if they are out. George will come out after a couple minutes but usually after I greet Cheeto I go in and say hi to George on the bed since this is where he always lays.


Is Cheetos a dry food man or a wet food man? What about George?


They both like both! They get wet food in the AM so are always waiting and excited for that but then it’s right onto the dry food lol



What is each of the boys favourite treats? 


They both love tube treats but George has really become obsessed with any kind of treat and even human food and will try to steal food if I leave my plate unattended. George struggles with eating treats off the ground so he eats them out of my fingers… for this reason I try to buy bigger ones so he doesn’t accidently bite me in his treat crazed state.


What is each of the boys favourite toys? 


They like anything with potent cat nip and a good sweatshirt string lol! Cheeto also likes glitter balls and springs but he goes through stages.


Please describe each of your boys in three words:

 This is a hard one! 


Lol Cheeto: sweet, silly, a baby.


George: sweet, quirky, foodie


Taking a minute to remember our dear furrriend Tag, can you describe him to those that didn't get a chance to see him or those who have recently started following you?*


*For those that don't know, poor Tag was Cheeto's brother who passed just before George came along. At 16 years old Tag was the master of loafing and a veteran cat model. He is sadly missed by all that knew him. There really was and never will be a cat who could loaf pose like Tag.



Aww He was a sweet and at times sassy senior boy! He loved going outside and would sit out there with me for hours! He was very vocal and would cry to go outside, for food, and for fresh water all the time. Speaking of water, he only drank out of the faucet and towards the end also out of a margarita glass lol! He loved food which required me to place a child proof lock on the food cabinet so he wouldn’t break in. He was definitely a character and is missed very much!



A margarita glass and child proof locks? That's hilarious! This next question I am going to ask, if you don't wish to answer it's completely fine! A wise man once said "Cat's rule and dogs drool". Do you agree? 


Hahaha I agree with this statement 100% although there are some dogs I like, obviously our IG doggo furiends. But in my opinion cats rule the world.


Finally, you have a large and very loyal following. Here is a chance to say whatever you want to your fans and followers:


I’m so happy my rescued boys are followed and loved by so many people all over the world! We appreciate every follow, like, comment, and share we receive!!

So there you have it. A little insight into the world of renowned fashion meowsters Cheeto and George and their loving catmeowm Megan. It seems George is much easier to work with on the set than Cheeto but with us orange boys, you can always expect some attitude. He really is a handsome boy though so it is well worth the struggle to get those epic pictures. I really laughed my head off at you needing to child lock the food cupboards! And the margarita glass sounded fantastic. Tag really was the ultimate diva! It has been wonderful remembering him.


It's interesting you mention Cheetos favourite toy being a sweatshirt string as mine is a simple shoe lace. I prefer that over the hundreds of pounds worth of toys the hoomans have bought me. 


As for George, he really had big paws to fill following on from Tag but he really adapted to it in no time and is a natural. He takes wonderful pictures and is such a sweet little pensioner too! Tag would be proud!


Megan, thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions and I look forward to see what you and the boys have in store for us next.



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Follow Megan, Cheeto and George on Instagram @cutecatcheetos

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