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Q&A special with Melissa Millett (Tonic aka Church)

My fiendish floofmeisters, I am delighed to share with you, part three of my Halloween special. The third piece of my"Trilogy of terror". This time we have a Q&A with the wonderful Melissa Millett, animal trainer, owner of Ultimutts and loving hooman to Tonic aka Church from the hit Pet Sematary remake. We are very grateful to have had the chance to chat to Melissa as she is very busy with her animals and her brand Ultimutts! (Pictured: Melissa, Tonic and Sashimi) Ultimutts provides an impressive roster of animals who can act and perform stunts both live and on screen. Being a fanboy of Stephen King and Pet Sematary, my hooman admin was rather starstruck with Tonic who played Church in the hit remake of Stephen King's Pet Sematary (along with the amazing Leo who sadly passed away shortly after the film's release). So we thought Tonic was just purrrfect for our Halloween special. As far as cats go, Ultimutts also have the wonderful and beautifully m

Top 10 Catoween pictures

My dear floofs, I decided I would pick 10 of my favourite Halloween themed cat pictures on Instagram throughout the month and feature them on my blog. Let's take a look at my ten favourites! Be sure to follow them all on Instagram! Tiger (@thefluffy_monsters) Here we have Tiger relaxing on a leafy autumnal floor, outside his little wooden cabin. A cool cat, calm and collected and looking very much the part with his orange bowtie. Matching with the pumpkins, this was the first picture we decided to feature on the list! Tiger Jojo (@mytigerjojo) Where do we start with this picture? Tiger Jojo is looking spectacular at his pop up farm stand! Only the finest pumpkins are sold here. Looking very stylish in his hat and bandana, Tiger Jojo poses with his expert team of alpaca staff, who are there  for all your pumpkin needs! Skittles and Jinjin (@skittles_and_jin-jin) Skittles and JinJin here! Cuteness level = Expert! Not only are they dress

Q&A with Nightbooks star Cleo Aka Lenore

My fiendish floofs,  I am delighted to share with you something very special for part two of my Halloween "Trilogy of Terror". I am sure many of you will have seen the film "Nightbooks" trending on Netflix lately? Well, I just so happen to have had the pleasure of a Q&A with Cleo and her hooman Wendy Gabrek! I have the scoop on Cleo's likes and dislikes, what it's like being a cat on a film set and what it is like being a celebrity!  Wendy, thank you so much for agreeing to take part in the Q&A with us. We are so pleased to be given the opportunity and not only did we thoroughly enjoy the film but we are now big fans of Cleo and her character Lenore! Please tell us a little about yourself? Hi there! We are the proud owners of Cleopatra “Cleo” a Blue Seal Point Sphynx and the cat who starred in the recent Netflix film, ‘Nightbooks’. We live in Alliston, Ontario, Canada, about an hour north of Toronto. All together we have a family of five, plus our fu

Q&A with Raven the Halloween cat and her hooman, Kim

My fiendish floofs, I am delighted to present to you my first of 3 Halloween themed Q&A's, as part of my "Trilogy of Terror". Kicking things off we have a Q&A with Kim, the hooman behind Raven the Halloween Cat!  I have been a fan of Raven ever since I discovered her Instagram and I am truly grateful for the chance to do this Q&A. Raven has a coat and eyes like no other and if you aren't following her yet, you will be after reading this Q&A. As always, a lot of love and hard work went into this blog post so a share is greatly appreciated! Kim, thank you so much for taking part in this Q&A. Please tell us a little about yourself? My name is Kim, I live in a small town called Bavikhove in Belgium. I'm 38 years old and I have a son called Lewis, he's 13 now.  How long have you had Raven and how did she come into your life?  We adopted Raven in July 2018, a year after our cat Bruce passed away. He lived with us for 13 years so we took our time