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Exclusive Q&A with Stuntman Starlord's hooman!

Fellow floofs and meowsters, I have got a special treat for you all! I was lucky enough to get a Q&A with the hooman of Stuntman Starlord ! Featuring regular updates and wonderful content, we have followed his account for a long time as have many of my Instagram furrriends. Starlord is very loved within the cat community so please sit back and enjoy this little insight into their lives that they so kindly have decided to share with us! Here is the Q&A: Tell us a little about yourself and where you are from?  My name is Christina. I’m from NY, and I work in an ER Veterinary Hospital!  How long have you had Starlord? For about 2 and 1/2 years. How did Starlord come to be in your life? At the ER, we often have Good Samaritans bring stray cats to us after they have been injured. Someone brought Star-Lord in after they found him walking down the road with a face full of porcupine quills! I happened to be working that day, and I helped fix him up. Star-Lord wa

Q&A with Thomas Angel author V.S.Minou

My dear floofs and floofettes, I am delighted to be joined by none other than V.S.Minou, the wonderful author of the Thomas Angel novels. I am delighted to have discovered them and I highly recommend that you check the series out if you like reading and are a fan of cats, adventure and fantasy. A full review can be found on my previous blog entry . Mistress Minou, please tell us a little about yourself?  Hello Nacho, well where will I begin? I live in Scotland with my three cats, Boo, Birdie and Ruben. I've always loved reading books of any kind and I've always written, so it was easy to find my passion in writing. I love Scottish history and myths, Picts, Edinburgh and Victorianna, so it was easy to bring all the elements together when Thomas Angel walked into my life.  (Pictured: Ruben) Do you have any pets? Yes, at the moment I share my home with Boo and Birdie who are brother and sister and Ruben, the sweet natured, ginger in my life. Cats and I have

Thomas Angel Book Review

Queens and gentlefloofs, I am delighted to share with you my first ever book review. I was very intrigued when I discovered a new adventure novel was coming out, which had a cat as the main character. In addition to that, I was drawn to it's stunningly beautiful artwork. When I looked for more information on the book which is named "Thomas Angel and the Clach Na Cait" I discovered it was part two of a series. So of course, I was going to have to get the first book aswell, which is called "Thomas Angel and the Order of the Cataibh"  So, this review is one covering both books by the wonderful Scottish author V.S.Minou. The first "Thomas Angel and the Order of the Cataibh" and the follow up "Thomas Angel and the Clach Na Cait" They flow seamlessly into one another and I feel that despite the first novel having been out for a while, I have included it for those who are unfamilar with the series. I would also like to give a shout out t

Coming soon!

Good evening my floofs, Just a little update for everyone, I have got lots of good feedback and hits on my last two Q&A's so I want to thank those of you who took the time to read them.  I have some very cool things coming up soon. I have a book review on the Thomas Angel collection and a Q&A with the very talented author, V.S Minou! I have also just secured a Q&A with two of America's most wanted felines (you'll see) and a number of popular dedicated cat pages and influencers. In addition to this, next month brings us into Halloween and I have got a spooktacular set of Q&A's planned for is from an extremely popular Halloween cat and the other, provided everything goes to plan is with a famous movie star!  Speaking of movies, I have also reached out to another cat film star to complete my "Trilogy of Terror" but we will have to wait and see if they can accommodate. These famous cats are very busy! Again, thank you for the wonderful re

Q&A with Adventure Kitty Lena's hooman!

Furrriends and fluffmeisters, I am delighted to share with you a Q&A I recently conducted with the hooman of the wonderful Lena , whose outdoor adventures have charmed us all on Instagram. Please sit back with a nice glass of cat milk and enjoy! Thank you very much for joining us for a Q&A. We are big fans of Lena's and are delighted to be doing this with you! Please tell us a little about yourself.  Hello, I am Lena's human and I am really proud to be that! I got her ten years ago when she was a cute little kitty. I did get her from a private person, no official breeder or anything like that. Together we live in the beautiful Sweden, in the middle of the forest.   What age is Lena? Lena is a 10 years old norwegian forest cat.   Do you have any other pets?    She isn’t the only pet in the house, there is a dog too.    What is Lena's favourite foods and treats? She has no favourite food but she likes everything that tastes like chicken and hat

Book Club

Furrriends and furballs, I am delighted to have received both of the Thomas Angel books. Thomas Angel and the Order of the Caiaibh and Thomas Angel and the Clach Na Cait, to be precise.  Both novels are by Scottish author and cat parent, V.S.Minou . I have been very much looking forward to these and have asked the hoomans to read them to me as having paws, I find it rather difficult to turn the pages. I am going to be posting a review of the books after I read them and am delighted to have been granted a Q&A with the author, which I will post here for you to read. In the meantime, I have posted for you, the synopsis from each book. If you can read and you like cats, then this could be just the book series for you! Both books are available from Amazon and Waterstones .