Q&A with Adventure Kitty Lena's hooman!

Furrriends and fluffmeisters,

I am delighted to share with you a Q&A I recently conducted with the hooman of the wonderful Lena, whose outdoor adventures have charmed us all on Instagram. Please sit back with a nice glass of cat milk and enjoy!

Thank you very much for joining us for a Q&A. We are big fans of Lena's and are delighted to be doing this with you!

Please tell us a little about yourself. 

Hello, I am Lena's human and I am really proud to be that! I got her ten years ago when she was a cute little kitty. I did get her from a private person, no official breeder or anything like that. Together we live in the beautiful Sweden, in the middle of the forest.


What age is Lena?

Lena is a 10 years old norwegian forest cat.


Do you have any other pets?  

She isn’t the only pet in the house, there is a dog too. 


What is Lena's favourite foods and treats?

She has no favourite food but she likes everything that tastes like chicken and hates everything that tastes like fish. With treats it is actually the same.


What is Lena's favourite toy?

She loves to play with anything that isn’t a cat toy, no matter if it is a cable or my hand.


Does Lena enjoy belly rubs or is that a dangerous thing to do?

When she is in the right mood she loves belly rubs but otherwise it can be very dangerous to try. 

What are Lena's best qualities?

I love about Lena that she lovely and takes care of me. If I don’t feel well she notice it and comes to cuddle. I love that we can experience adventures together or sit on the sofa and watch a movie together. I can do everything with her.


Describe Lena in three words...

Lovely, brave and cuddly.


When did you start travelling around the countryside with Lena? 

I started to travel with Lena in 2017. It was my first trip to the north too and I was so excited that she was coming with me.


Was it something you started early with her or did it require a bit of training?


At that time I didn’t know much about travelling with cat so we learned it together. I taught her to walk on a leash earlier this year. It took some months but was definitely worth it. Then we started to do longer and longer walks and finally we started to hike up to a half day. 


What is the furthest you have travelled from home together?

I think the farthest place I was with her was northern Italy, close to Milano.


If you could take Lena anywhere in the world to explore, where would that be?

If I could choose a place I would like to went to with Lena I think that would be a road trip trough Northern America. I have always wanted to see Canada and the northern countryside of USA. It would also be one of the places where Lena would still feel comfortable with her fur. I would love to explore Alaska or Hudson Bay with her.


Every single one of your pictures is spectacular. Does it require many takes for the perfect picture or is Lena a natural?

It is really different how many pictures I need to take to get a good one. Sometimes I need to take hundred and sometimes the first pic is the best one. 


Have you ever encountered any issues out and about? For example, meeting other animals?


Luckily we never had problems. When we met dogs on the way they where no problem because the owners took care of them. 



Does Lena always require a lead when out and about or do you sometimes let her go without it? 

When we are walk at home I sometimes let her go without but when we are travelling I never let her go without because it is to dangerous. She hasn’t that training to go without. I think if you want to walk without leash you need to start when they are kittens, we definitely started to late for that. 


One of my favourite pictures is Lena climbing up the tree. She is a pro climber! I have known some cats to be great at getting up trees but not so great at getting down from them! Does Lena ever have trouble getting down again?

Yeah, Lena really loves to climb trees. Now she can come down on her own but when she was younger I sometimes needed to help. One day I heard a meow, it came from a old, big tree we have in the garden. She was sitting in on of the highest places and looking down at me. I couldn’t reach her because it was too high. When I then lured her with delicious treats she finally came down. 


Us long haired cats require a lot of brushing and grooming but not all of us enjoy it. Does Lena like being brushed or is it hard work?

Many people struggle with the brushing and grooming. Lena takes very good care of her fur and when she is out in the forest she sheds a lot of it. Of course I brush her sometimes too, specially when we travel. It’s a little bit complicated that Lena doesn’t like to be brushed so long time but with some treats or cuddles everything is good again.


A lot of famous models are known to be divas. Would you say Lena is a diva?

Sometimes she can become a diva but that’s very rare. For example if she really want some attention.

I think to have a cat is like having a best friend. Of course they want to deicide too, they are living creatures. But it's a little true, it often get how the cat wants it.


You have a very large following on Instagram and are very active in the cat community. Did you ever expect to have as many followers?

No, never did I expect that. I started the account because I liked to take pictures of Lena and I wanted to share her adventures with the world. Now we are so many people, that’s so crazy!


Is there anything you would like to say to all your fans and followers?

The only thing I wanted to say is: Thank you! Thank you for everything! You are amazing and loved and I am so proud to know you. And never forget, your dreams can come true if you believe in it and in yourself!

Thanks again for taking the time to speak to us here at Nacho Inc. We are delighted to have learned a little more about your life with Lena. We really enjoy her posts and updates of her adventures. She truly is an adventure cat. We highly recommend that anyone not following Lena already, checks them out right away and click that follow button.

 Nacho over and out. I'm off for a snooze!

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