Coming soon!

Good evening my floofs,

Just a little update for everyone,

I have got lots of good feedback and hits on my last two Q&A's so I want to thank those of you who took the time to read them. 

I have some very cool things coming up soon. I have a book review on the Thomas Angel collection and a Q&A with the very talented author, V.S Minou! I have also just secured a Q&A with two of America's most wanted felines (you'll see) and a number of popular dedicated cat pages and influencers.

In addition to this, next month brings us into Halloween and I have got a spooktacular set of Q&A's planned for is from an extremely popular Halloween cat and the other, provided everything goes to plan is with a famous movie star! 

Speaking of movies, I have also reached out to another cat film star to complete my "Trilogy of Terror" but we will have to wait and see if they can accommodate. These famous cats are very busy!

Again, thank you for the wonderful response to the first two Q&A's and of course for all the followers and furrriendships on Instagram!

In the meantime, 

Hugs and hisses



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