Exclusive Q&A with Stuntman Starlord's hooman!

Fellow floofs and meowsters,

I have got a special treat for you all! I was lucky enough to get a Q&A with the hooman of Stuntman Starlord! Featuring regular updates and wonderful content, we have followed his account for a long time as have many of my Instagram furrriends. Starlord is very loved within the cat community so please sit back and enjoy this little insight into their lives that they so kindly have decided to share with us!

Here is the Q&A:

Tell us a little about yourself and where you are from? 

My name is Christina. I’m from NY, and I work in an ER Veterinary Hospital! 

How long have you had Starlord?

For about 2 and 1/2 years.

How did Starlord come to be in your life?

At the ER, we often have Good Samaritans bring stray cats to us after they have been injured. Someone brought Star-Lord in after they found him walking down the road with a face full of porcupine quills! I happened to be working that day, and I helped fix him up. Star-Lord was hospitalized with us for a few weeks as he recovered, and the rest is history. I fell in love with him, and he had already claimed me as his human. I knew I had to take him home! 

What age is Starlord?

He is roughly 4.

What type of cat is Starlord?

Orange Tabby Domestic Shorthair 

Do you have any other pets? 

5 cats including Star-Lord! His big brother Jeter, older sisters Willow & Marley, and his younger sister Nova. He is always snuggling with Jeter and causing trouble with Nova. He is trying to work his way into Marley's heart too! Willow likes to keep to herself. 

What was the reason for the name Starlord? 

At the ER, we always have themes for when we name stray cats that come in. When Star-Lord arrived, the ongoing theme was superheroes. Since he had quills in his face, we named him Star-Lord after Peter QUILL!

Does Starlord live up to his title of Stuntman? 

He totally does! He is always sprinting about the house jumping and climbing things. One of his favorite things to do is climb the railing and balance on top above the stairs! He also does crazy jumps and flips when play battling Nova. 

I must say, Stuntman's staircase balancing act always impresses me. My hooman admin has a fear of heights so he doesn't feel so good when he watches it!

Does Starlord enjoy bellyrubs or is this a no go area?

 He accepts belly rubs if he is very sleepy. However if he is awake and in play mode…stay away or your hand will get eaten.

What is Starlord's favourite food?

His absolutely favorite food is a chicken Churu! He would do anything for one.

I am not sure what a Churu is! Is it an American thing? I will get the hoomans to research that!

What is Starlord's favourite toy?

His favorite toy is his squeaky mouse wand toy. He also loves crinkle balls! 

Starlord has often been seen acting as an ambassador for several companies. Please tell us a little about who he is an ambassador for? 

He is an ambassador for @petzzonecrochet. They are a small business located in Portugal, and they create beautiful, hand-made crocheted bandanas. We love supporting them! He also models for companies such as @rabbitgoopets and @littergenie. Being an ambassador is such a fun way to test out new products and spread the word to family and friends. We also love supporting small businesses! 

Is it easy getting good photos of Starlord or is he a total diva?

He is great when posing for the camera! Sometimes we use toys or treats as motivation. If he’s in play-mode or really doesn’t like the item, he will generally tell you by booping you, so maybe he is a little bit of a diva. 😹

If you could describe Starlord with only 3 words, what would they be?

Curious, Playful, Snuggly 

What are your favourite qualities about Starlord?

He has such a fun personality! You can tell that the gears in his brain are always turning while he tries to understand everything, and he is so curious about life. He is a social butterfly with humans, and he is very chill and gentle when meeting other animals. He genuinely just wants to be their friend…even including porcupines apparently. Finally, he is the biggest love bug! With how playful he is, he always stops to snuggle and remind me just how much he loves me. He is my little buddy, and he is the perfect sidekick (even though he thinks he’s the leader).

What is the naughtiest thing Starlord has ever done? 

So he loves to hangout in my parents garage (it has couches and a tv etc.). We were over there one day and had the doors closed so he was off-leash. I was talking to my dad when all of a sudden, Star-Lord decides to climb up the shelves and into the rafters of the garage. He scales the rafters and makes it to the inside of the roof. Now he’s very high up and we couldn’t get to him. He was having the time of his life exploring and wouldn’t come down. When he finally wanted to come down he realized that he was stuck, so we had to use a large ladder and carefully take him out of the roof. He would do it again if we let him!

Describe a typical day in the life of Starlord. What is his routine?

First we wake up and lay in bed watching TikToks together. Then I put on a chipmunk/bird video for Star-Lord to watch while I get breakfast ready for all of the kitties. He hates getting out of bed early, so often I’ll bring him breakfast in bed (so spoiled!). When he finishes his breakfast, he heads downstairs to his favorite window and watches the all of the animals at the bird feeder. Then it’s play time! He hangs out in his tunnels and usually finds Nova who is ready to play too! Then he picks either the best sun spot or my lap to nap on. Later in the afternoon we usually go out for a walk and go over to my parents house where he gets to play with Stella (his doggo BFF). When we’re finally turning in for the night, Star-Lord joins his siblings for their evening snacks (he usually has a Churu). When it’s time to go to sleep I yell “You coming?!” and he races me up the stairs to the bedroom! He goes and drinks from his special water glass on the nightstand while I get ready for bed. Then he has a biscuit making session on his favorite blanket and finally snuggles down between my legs as we go to sleep. 

He has a doggo BFF? You might not like this next question then...

...A wise man once said "cats rule and dogs drool". Thoughts?

Cats definitely rule (and they know it), and dogs sure do drool a lot. I still love doggos though! One of Star-Lord’s BFFs is my parents dog, Stella, who is a chocolate lab. They love going on walks together! Stat-Lord is always rubbing up on her, and she takes his lead in finding the best piece of grass to chomp on. She is big and energetic, so sometimes he does have to remind her that he still needs a little space. They sure do love each other though!

You have a very large following on Instagram. What would you like to say to all your fans and followers?

I would like to say thank you so much for sharing our journey with us! We have met so many amazing people (and kitties) in this Instagram community, and we couldn’t be more grateful. You are all truly a bright spot to our day, and I hope we are for you! 

Well there you have it furballs! A wonderful insight to the day to day activities of the wonderful Starlord and his family. He clearly has a wonderful life at home and a fantastic owner and we are very grateful for the time taken to do this Q&A with us. Be sure follow Starlord on Instagram (@stuntmanstarlord)

We hope you all enjoyed the Q&A. It's nap time for me! Stay tuned for more awesome Q&A's!


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